The Cast

First off there’s me.

My name is Tim and my life centers around my wife, kids and dog. I work to live, not live to work. Most of my life choices have been based upon this mantra.  With that said…I do work hard so I can provide to my family the flexibility and niceties that life offers!I am an IT dork and love technology. I also play guitar and bass, I just love music! I hope that transcends to my children, which it may since we always have music playing within the house. I am a hands-on father and wouldn’t have it any other way, regardless of my frustration levels some times. I am also in love with my wife who I have been with since 1999 and who is undeniably my soul mate!

Next up is my partner in crime, Jenny (aka. Jennifer, J LO, JR, Dadoo)

Jenny is a Superwife, Supermom, Superfriend and a Superdaughter.  She will do everything for everyone else before making any time for herself.  She is the most honest and humble person I have ever met and I see her Mom’s influence in her all of the time.  She shares my sense of humor and has that sarcastic wit that I definitely identify with.  She enjoys eating and sleeping, which are both near and dear to my heart also!  I definitely got lucky here!

We made an awesome dude!

Meet Jacob…aka Bubba. Jacob is a 10 year old that is consumed by everything sports. He will play some type of ball until his head hits the pillow, and then he sleeps with a football. He is extremely perceptive and notices and observes everything. He has a memory of an elephant and will bring up something dating back to when he was 1 1/2 and 2 years old. He has an infatuation with Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer. He will be in charge one day, of what I have no idea! He is always taking the leader role in everything that he does. He is very independent and actually loves to cook! He loves to watch Iron Chef, Flip This House, Shark Tank and The Chew, actually DVR’s them!

So we decided to make another!

AJ is 7 years old and is ready for the debate team at Yale.  He talks like a grown up and you can have full-on conversations with this guy.  He is extremely intelligent for his age and is a master negotiator! He is a technology hound and loves to solve 500 piece puzzles by himself. He has an engineering mind.He loves his pajamas and his junk food. As Jacob will prefer fruits and vegetables, AJ prefers peanut butter crackers and french fries.  He is a CARBAVORE!  If you are bread, crackers or pasta…you will be eaten!  If you are anything else, you have a pretty decent chance of surviving.  He has the sweetest voice, says the craziest things and is the biggest cuddler and hugger/kisser in the world.

Did I mention we had a crazy dog!

The day we returned on our honeymoon, we decided to get a dog.  Along came Allie!  This dog had so much personality it killed me.  She was sweet, playful and cuddly but she had major attitude and will tell you exactly what she wanted using her own language of 7-10 distinct barks.  She liked to nip at your bootie while playing, hence the nickname: MunchButt!  She loved to wrestle and wouldn’t hesitate to walk over and just sit right on top of you.  She was extremely patient and awesome with the boys and has put up with alot of their craziest. Feisty still at age 13 and she truly loved her bones.  Allie went to heaven on September 9th, 2015 but will always be one of our children.