Samsung, Microsoft & Apple…Stop the Bickering!

September 15, 2014

It harkens back to the day of Windows vs Linux vs Mac. I can go old school and say it happened with Atari, ColecoVision and Intellivision. Nintendo vs. Sega. VCR or Betamax. Everybody had an opinion of why one was better than the other.

Old School Game Systems

Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are fighting and scrapping. The commercials are like an elementary school playground. “My phone is better! No mine is! I was the first to have this feature! It doesn’t matter, we copied it and made it better so yours is bad!”


I just can’t take it anymore! It has also caused the owners of such devices to adopt the same mentality. Hell, I was guilty of it until I reflected upon it recently. Why can’t we just get along and admit that we are committed to our phone/os manufacturer and there is very limited swaying a person either way? You are either a Android fan or a iOS fan.

Let’s admit that Apple trail-blazed the industry. Smartphones of the day existed (Windows CE, Blackberry) but it didn’t have the capabilities or usability that revolutionized the world. Apple figured it out. The innovative design, ease of use, functionality and overall user experience was THE game changer. Tablets also existed for a long time, but it was a form factor that couldn’t crack the general public’s interest. Apple’s iPad trail-blazed here also and created the blueprint for every other manufacturer, from Microsoft to Samsung and beyond.

While Apple was creating an entire ecosystem of interoperability (Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, OSX, etc…) and building their financial war chest, the other major manufacturers like Microsoft, Google and Samsung were playing catch-up and driving out new features and great products.

Let’s admit that Samsung and Android did add many features and functionality that was first to market. Apple did take the best ideas and integrate it within their products. Phone sizes, battery monitoring, etc.. Apple was also introducing features like Siri that was duplicated in the other products like Cortana. It’s a two-way street.

At this stage of the game, the gap is very narrow between the different form factors and operating systems. Each will continue to copy and replicate functionality to retain their fan base. No feature is revolutionary in any product, it’s just incremental.

Consumers, all of these options are great. We can argue and argue which is the best but at this stage it falls onto deaf ears. Opinions are formed.

Stop the bickering!!!  Keep the incremental improvements coming and be revolutionary in new product lines please.


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